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Most parents have an eye-roll when they mention they have teenagers at home.  If it's not the appetite, it's the attitude!  But that makes sense because this is the time in life when they really start to figure out who they are and who they want to be.  It's when their faith becomes their own; and that is an amazing thing!

We want to help parents and students navigate this strange and wonderful time by providing space and grace for both to learn and grow as followers of Jesus.

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A porch is a unique feature of a home.  It's not quite inside, not quite outside. It's the transition spot. 


We meet strangers there.  We say goodbye to neighbors there.  We sit on the swing and talk deep into the night with friends and family alike there.  The porch is where all of life comes together.

Students are in a transition in their life, not quite kids and not yet adults.  We want to meet them on The Porch where strangers are welcomed; where neighbors are invited in; where friends become family.

Jesus tells a story about a Father who meets a young man on a porch and extends grace and kindness - we want this to be that same kind of place!

Join us each Wednesday during the school year on The Porch.

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