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Hey There

We are so glad that you're considering worshiping with us!  Seriously.  This might be THE thing God wants to use in your life right now.

But we know that visiting a new church can be a stressful experience.  We want to do all that we can to help you feel welcomed as our guest so that you can relax and discover your story.

You got to know, we're all about Jesus.  His life, His mission, His death (kind of weird, we get it), and His resurrection.  We believe knowing Jesus changes everything.  We talk about it.  Sing about it.  It's kind of our thing.


So who is church for? 

It's for all who step through the doors! Come one, come all, and just as you are. If you'd wear it to your grandma's for lunch, then it's probably okay with us. Our focus is more on Jesus, remember?  But most folks look casual to business casual.


Where does all this awesome stuff take place?


When you first walk through our doors, you'll be in our main worship center. Immediately to your left is our Welcome Center (psst, there's coffee). Your next left is our main hallway, where you'll find our other classrooms, nursery, restrooms, and offices.  The exit at the end of the hall that takes you to the playground.


If you get lost, ask one of our members to help you out! They'd be thrilled to serve you and your family in that way.


What time should I show up?

Most folks arrive around 9:45 AM - unless they've attended our 9 AM adult Bible study.  People use this time to get coffee, donuts, say "hello" to new and familiar faces and find a seat.  We'll start our worship service at 10 AM.


What will we do?


We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable.  Please feel free to just observe.  But to give you an idea of most Sundays we'll start with music that has great melodies and even greater lyrics.


After that, elementary-aged students are released to attend our exciting Children's Church service and our members have a chance to respond through giving. Please know, if you're visiting, there is no pressure to give!  We want you to see Jesus for who He is! Giving is important, but we challenge our members to respond in that way.


Next, we'll engage with Scripture through preaching and end with more singing. Our messages seek to connect the timeless truth of Scripture with everyday life. We know that Jesus desires us to live like His Word is true!


When it's all said and done, children can be picked up from their respective rooms located at the end of the hallway.  And you'll notice that none of us are in a hurry to get out of there. You're welcome to stay around for a little bit too. We'd love to get to know you better.


How long does this usually last?

Each service aims to be 70 minutes, give or take!  We know your time is valuable and appreciate you sharing it with us.

We pray that you'll enjoy your time with us and consider joining our family to see the world changed for the better through Jesus.

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