Women's Bible Study

GCC Women's Bible Study meets on Wednesday nights during the fall and spring from 5.30-7.00. 5.30 begins with corporate worship and a light social time, followed by an in-depth Bible study. Karen Vollrath takes us through a detailed exegesis of the Bible. Completing Genesis after a two-year reading, Karen is currently taking the class through Exodus. Karen focuses on God's action throughout history and the evidence of Christ from the beginning of time.


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Karen Vollrath has dedicated her life to the service of the Lord. Trained as a registered nurse and in linguistic studies, Karen spent 37 years serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, living 29 years in Papua New Guinea. Along with her husband, Karen studied the Hewa language and people in Papua New Guinea to assist in the translation of the Bible into their language. Retired from missions, Karen is thrilled to be relocated to Bellville near their son where she loves leading, teaching, encouraging, and praying for the women of her church.

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